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Creating Multiple Virtual Sites on a WAMP Server Installation

When developing multiple sites, it is helpful to have a copy of each site running on your local computer.  With Apache it is fairly easy to configure multiple sites under one install.  This article outlines the basic steps for configuring Apache's "Named Virtual Hosts" feature under WAMP Server on Windows XP.

Drupalcon Boston 2008

It's official!  I will be attending Drupalcon Boston 2008 this March. This conference is all about the Drupal content management system.  Drupal is the fantastic, open-source software that powers most of the projects that Trailhead Interactive builds.

Drupalcon Boston Rocked!

I was recently fortunate enough to attend the Drupalcon 2008 conference in Boston, MA from March 3rd to 7th. The conference brought together over 800 users, designers, developers and enthusiasts of the Drupal Content Management System for 4 days of networking, training, planning and socializing. It's been a while since my boss was nice enough to send me to a conference, and this one was a great experience. The last conference I attended was in around 1997, and the subject matter was somewhat boring (accounting software for the building products industry). Drupalcon was anything but boring, and well worth the cost of admission.